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Theres a big misconception when it comes to painting and really any construction field. Painting proffessionally is a trade. It is one that is acquired from experience and careful consideration. Like any other trade Painting is not to just get a quick coat applied and everyones happy.


Colors play a huge important part into every day life especially when one is comfortable at their homes. A lot of modern day construction workers don't treat their craft with such attention to detail anymore. It simply gets run as a business and with many modern day business's profit is the number one concern..


The preparation of a paint job is extremely important to the longevity and value of the work itself. Why go through all the trouble just painting and getting it done if it will need to get done again in 3 years.


Each job is professionally prepped according to our standard:
                   Power Washing (Exterior)
                   Priming (Where Needed)
                   Finish Coats

Pricing and Estimations

Pricing and estimate is all based on the condition, size of your house. I will give you the best price out there with no short cuts or rush. Before the bid, I recommend that you:

• Make a list of all the work you want done for each room or on the exterior of your home.
• Choose colors and/or finishes.
• Make a list of what you did and did not like about your last paint job or painter.
• Identify your budget. Painting your home is a major investment. I want to earn your business and will tailor a proposal for every budget


                  Please call for more details


                            Daniel Amatulli

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